Szymon Kobylarz

Szymon Kobylarz – visual artist, painter, installation artist. In 2002 he graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice and became a lecturer at that Academy.

He took part in many exhibitions in Poland and abroad, including the 56th Venice Biennale (Dispossession), the Wolfsburg Kunstmuseum (Slapstick!) and the BOZAR Fine Artr Centre in Brussels (The Power of Phantasie). He is a two-time holder of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage scholarship and a laureate of the 9th Geppert Competition in Wrocław.

In his work he often takes an ironic and distanced approach to reality. He is inspired by quasi-scientific phenomena, conspiracy theories (Przysposobienie obronne, ECHELON70), science, mathematics and its transfer to the plane of art (DIAMAT, Nieznane Niewiadome).

Szymon Kobylarz also asks if creating costly installations still makes sense in times of excess production of works of art and in response he paints a series of Art for Art's Sake paintings , in which he presents non-existent exhibitions, which for various reasons he did not realize. The same applies to the project Magazynier, in which he used his previous work to create the installation.

– For some time now I have been interested in issues related to science and its processing, testing and interpretation by people who have little in common with science," the artist says. Then he admits that he treats himself as such a person and, fascinated by mathematics, or more precisely by the Fibonacci sequence, fractals and the golden ratio, he constructs wooden objects through which he tries to translate the language of science into art.

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