News 25.02.2019

GDZIENIEGDZIE (Here and There). Pawel Henrich, Tomasz Strojecki

A multimedia installation accompanying the 8th Festival of First Performances of New Polish Music, organized by the National Symphonic Orchestra of the Polish Radio.

Should we be relieved to know that the world of advertising, embodied by big screens, surrounds us – for now – only here and there (Polish: gdzieniegdzie)? The authors of the installation try to answer this question. The title of the artwork corresponds to the asymmetric positioning of both the performers and the sound system. A very important aspect of the installation will be enabling the members of the audience to approach the musicians, who will be placed not on a typical stage but among the audience.

Gdzieniegdzie is partly a multimedia installation and partly a work of music performed “inside” the installation. Apart from the fragments described in the score in detail, the work of music will also have sections allowing greater freedom. During these parts the actions of the musicians will be coordinated by the software, a sort of  “a virtual conductor,” instructing the musicians and changing the parameters of their performance (e. g. the volume).

The audience will be introduced into the extraordinary world of music instruments, which, in addition to their own sound characteristics, can also blend harmoniously with new media (audio and video). The result will be an intriguing mix of acoustic and electroacoustic sound. This is an original combination: not only does the computer become and accompanying instrument but also the instruments affect the work of the computer. What emerges is the phenomenon of “human electronics,:” the electronics controlled by the human gesture of the musician, who endows it with “human” features.

Paweł Hendrich – he studied composition and economics. His commissions include the International Festival of Contemporary Music “Warsaw Autumn” (Ensemble Musikfabrik), Deutschlandfunk (Kwartludium), Goethe-Institut, BHF BANK Stiftung and Ensemble Modern, the City of Wrocław (NOSPR), Polish Institute in Madrid (PluralEnsemble), Institute of Music and Dance, OMN-New Music Orchestra, The Forbidden City Chamber Orchestra, National Forum of Music (Lutosławski Quartet, LutosAir Quintet, NFM String Trio Leopoldinum), ZAiKS Polish Society of Authors and Composers, Association of Polish Composers (Pablostrom, Orkest de Ereprijs). His works have been performed in Europe, Asia and America.

Tomasz Strojecki – born in Katowice in 1987, he graduated from the Faculty of Graphic Art of the Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice in 2015 with a degree in graphic design. A multimedia artist, a doctoral student at the school. In his projects he utilizes new media and interactive installations. He collaborates with musicians/composers, exploring new forms of expression and arrangement of the space in which a contemporary audio-visual show takes place. He takes up interdisciplinary activities, co-authoring works that occur at the meeting point of music, visual arts, performance art and cyberspace. He is the co-creator of the “MICROCONCERTO V” multimedia concert for bassoon and electronics in the framework of the 153th Silesian Rostrum of Composers (2017). In 2018 he was part of the team (with Marian Oslislo and Krzysztof Zygalski) that created the visuals for Andrzej Krzanowski’s Audycja V (first performance: the National Symphonic Orchestra of the Polish Radio on 9 Sept 2018; premiere: ATM Studio, Warsaw Autumn Festival 23 Sept 2018).

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