Registration open until 12 September 2019

Admission of international students to programmes in English

Go to the Polish website to apply for programmes in Polish

  • By 12 September 2019: Register online

    1. Create your account in the online registration system

    2.   Upload the required documents:
    –    diploma of higher education (at least Bachelor's level - check your qualification) with diploma supplement/transcript of records – one pdf file, max 3 MB
    –    English certificate, at least B2 level (check the list of acceptable documents)
    –    passport or ID (max. 3 MB)
    –    passport photo (max. 3 MB)
    –    portfolio (one pdf file, max 3 MB - check the portfolio information)

    3. Pay the PLN 100 application fee (into the individual bank account specified in your registration account)

    Selected candidates will be invited to admission interviews  at the Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice on 17 September. If you cannot attend the interview in person, inform us during registration (by 12 September). In individual well-justified cases the Admissions Commission may agree to organize an online interview.

  • 17 September 2019: Interviews

    Interviews with selected applicants.

    Check the interview requirements for your chosen programme.

    If you cannot attend the interview in Katowice, you may request an online interview during registration by 12 September 2019.
    In individual well-justified cases the Admissions Commission may agree to organize a Skype interview.


  • By 23 September 2019: Pay the tuition fee

    Submit the „Declaration to undertake studies“ (download from your account in the registration system)
    Pay the tuition fee, if applicable.
    If you are unsure whether you can be exempt from paying the tuition fees, please contact

  • by 25 september 2019: Enrolment

    After you are admitted, on your arrival in Katowice you will need to present the following original documents (uploaded previously):

    1. declaration to undertake studies
    2. your higher education diploma; the diploma must be translated into Polish or English and legalized or apostilled (except for documents issued in the EU, EEA, OECD countries);
    3. a photocopy of the document which entitles you to be exempt from paying tuition fees, if applicable
    4. authorization to submit the documents - if your documents are submitted by someone else
    5. your English certificate

  • by 1 October 2019: medical certificate

    Before the classes begin, you must submit a doctor's certificate that your health does not prevent you from studying at the Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice.
    The medical check must be done in a specific clinic in Katowice; please collect your referral to the doctor from the Faculty of Design office as soon as you arrive.

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