Welcome to the library

The Library of the Academy of Fine Arts houses over 13,000 publications placed on shelves the combined length of which is equivalent to six times the length of an Olympic swimming pool.

These include specialised books and magazines on art and design in their broadest sense. Many of them are unique items, available in single copies. Some are imported from abroad. In many cases, these are the only copies available in the country. The collection also includes publications with unique forms designed by artists. They have unusual solutions concerning typography, illustrations, innovative forms of covers, sewing applied or paper used. The Library's special collections include a collection of posters (e.g. by Roman Kalarus, Michał Kliś, Tadeusz Grabowski) and prints (e.g. by Eugenia Gortschakova, Andrzej Basaj, Jan Szmatloch). There are also works by illustrators and writers of books for the youngest readers, including a set of children's books by Janosch. Archival materials take up several metres of space on the shelves. These include collections of writings, matrices and posters relating to the activities of prof. Maciej Bieniasz.

The library is also a meeting place for book lovers. It has hosted talks with Dorota Masłowska, Andrzej Tomaszewski, Wojciech Wilczyk, as well as Jadwiga and Janusz Tryzno.


  • Virtual Library of Science

    The library provides acces to electronic databases of various types, under the programme Virtual Library of Science. Available sources include full texts of publications (e.g. articles from scientific journals) and abstracts (short overviews). Both the texts and the abstracts are in English. You can access the databases in the university network here.

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