Rondo Sztuki Gallery

The gallery of the Academy of Academy of Fine Arts and Design was opened in 2007. Since then, the controversial glass-and-steel building fills up with art, design, music, literature, photography and comic book art.

The first decade of the gallery’s operation saw it host over 200 exhibitions, several dozen concerts comprising Rondo Muzyki, a cycle which presents the most interesting phenomena of contemporary pop; over 60 meet the author sessions with contemporary writers (“Poczytalność” cycle), over 20 meetings with the most interesting Polish photographers (“Poza kadrem” cycle).

Since its beginnings, the Rondo Sztuki Gallery cooperates with the Cultural Institution Ars Cameralis. Their joint projects include the exhibitions of David Lynch, Pablo Picasso and the Chapman brothers. The gallery’s programme is diversified, dynamic and open. It is a meeting place of artists connected with the AFA in Katowice, local artists, students and debutants with world-class artists. Difficult, contemplative art which requires the viewer to concentrate co-exists with contemporary design or comic book art.

Exhibitions of recognized artists and designers are organized on the ground floor.
The upstairs gallery focuses on presenting the works of AFA students.

Admission is free to all events organized at the galleries.

The building houses also Królestwo Club & Restaurant (

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