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2019 AFA Katowice diploma projects: final exhibition

Speak out; create conditions for adaptation

Like each year at this time, the public defences of diploma projects are the highlight of the school’s life. They are doubly public, by being open to the active participation of the audience and by taking place right in the city centre. Thus, we try to emphasize the rank of the event and, perhaps most importantly, draw attention to the value brought to our environment by the presence of art and design.

The diploma projects depict exactly what preoccupies — and creates — our school nowadays. They also show the live image of modern art and design. Therefore, the public defences are a great opportunity to meet and discuss active participation, critical reception, emancipation and social change through culture. It is here that we look for answers to current problems, try to speak out and  create the conditions for adaptation...

Vice-Rector for Education and Student Affairs
Assoc. Prof. Grzegorz Hańderek

28.06 — 19.07.2019, Final diploma exhibition: Faculty of Design, Rondo Sztuki Gallery
28.06 — 14.07.2019, Final diploma exhibition: Faculty of Art, BWA Katowice Gallery

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