We invite you to the next, 7th edition of the event, which is ahead of us – 8th May 2021.

Read about the 7th edition of the event HERE, and about the Competition itself HERE.

A well designed book – let's start with children is a cyclical cultural project, which since 2008, every two years, has been gathering a wide range of artists, propagators, publishers and lovers of beautiful books for the youngest audience, around the Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice.

The event consists of a Competition for the best design of a children's book, a scientific conference devoted to the issue of their design, numerous exhibitions, as well as workshops for students and children. 

The aim of the event is to draw attention to the needs of the youngest readers and a wide range of issues related to designing books for children.

All its components serve this purpose, but especially the Competition which is a review of projects carried out by students and young graduates of art colleges and a conference, every edition devoted to a selected context, from the perspective of illustrators, designers, publishers, librarians, lecturers and theoreticians.

The parallel objective is the promotion of young artists on the publishing market, which is realized mainly through numerous exhibitions – post-competition one, Master of Polish Illustration and the exebition of illustrators of the young generation – exposing contemporary trends in the design of illustrations for children – from debutantes to established artists. This is also supported by workshops enabling students to improve their skills under the supervision of practitioners and preparing them for entering the publishing market.

The event concerns children through its theme – children's book illustration – putting a strong emphasis on their education and developing a habit of reading, as well as taking care of their contact with art, original design solutions and aesthetic attention to detail. However, it also does not forget about them as active participants, inviting children to comprise an independent Competition Jury and to take part in workshops related to the exhibitions. 

A well designed book enjoys great interest from diverse audiences and is considered by publishers and promoters of good books as one of the important factors that influenced the development of the children's book market in Poland after 2000.

Today we invite creators, illustrators, publishers, librarians, students and lecturers and all lovers of beautifully illustrated and well designed children's books to the next, 7th edition of the event, which is ahead of us – 23rd April 2021. 

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