News 07.07.2020

2020 Admissions: more than 3 applicants for one place

The Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice has completed the first stage of the admission process. Applicants were not deterred by the restrictions related to the pandemic and more than 3 people competed for one place.

On Tuesday 7 July the examination commission started reviewing the works submitted by the people who want to become AFA Katowice students. This year 375 candidates took the exam, competing for 38 places at the Faculty of Art (five-year studies in Printmaking or Painting) and for 78 places at the Faculty of Design (first-cycle and second-cycle studies in Graphic Design and Design). Statistically, 3.5 people competed for one place.

‘These are unusual times and the form of contact with candidates is also unusual. This year, the whole admission process, including the work review, interview and completion of exam tasks, is conducted online. We will not meet until the inauguration of the academic year. This is the first time we encounter such situation at our university,’ says Antoni Cygan, Rector of the AFA Katowice.

The results of the entrance exams will be announced in late July.
Admission for the English-language programmes started on 24 August. Inclusive Design: Health and Social Well-Being and Designing Reading Experience and Interactive Storytelling, are two interdisciplinary Masters programmes in the fields of Design and Graphic Design.

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