News 01.10.2020

2020 Culminations: diploma projects of the Faculty of Art

The 2020 presentation of diploma projects at the Faculty of Art has an exceptional form. Due to the epidemiological situation, the exhibition pools the diploma projects whose defences are spread over several months. For the same reason, it is impossible not to notice the fact that the students’ works come from a period especially marked by heightened emotions and intensively intertwined social narratives. Still, the diploma projects – just like in the previous years – present a variety of attitudes and a wide spectrum of ideas. It is intriguing that, in addition to works the articulate the problems of existence, especially of privacy and intimacy, finally we get to see some projects which thematise and interpret the current reality, or redefine the past and our identity. A particular value of the show is the presence of works which, in a conscious and formalistic manner, refer to historical aesthetics and styles.

Dr Roman Lewandowski, curator

Rules for visiting are available on the BWA website. The exhibition is open until 18 October.

2020 Diplomas: AFA Katowice Faculty of Design

The young designers, graduates of the Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice, have focused their attention on something (a place) or somebody (a human being) in order to solve specific problems, instead of viewing themselves as egocentric designing beings.
They present their sensualities to unknown, hidden or forgotten places, or to unsolved problems, and also show their sensitivity and empathy for the human being as the end user of their designs, taking into account the human needs, fears, interests and wishes.

Curator: doc. mgr art. Marcel Benčík, ArtD.
2020 Diplomas: Faculty of Design
Vertical Gallery, Open Space, 50 Raciborska st.
Rules for visiting are available on the AFA website. The exhibition is open until 24 October.

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