News 02.11.2022

2022 Metropolitan Climathon: awards for AFAD students

1st and 2nd place for AFAD students.

The Climathon participants were given 24 hours to develop solutions supporting climate protection. Circular economy was this year’s theme. The students were tasked with proposing ideas to reduce the ‘production’ of waste and to reuse the waste that already exists.

The 1st place winner was AFAD students team: Maciej Gil, Aleksandra Kozik, Carlos Bravo and Sophie Welsch and their ‘on repeat’ project. The winning team came up with an idea to give a second and subsequent lives to items purchased each year by Erasmus students.

A group comprising students of the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Katowice and the Silesian University of Technology: Julia Mzyk, Marzena Pawlus and Urszula Osolińska won the 2nd place with their ‘majstrownik’ project.

The Warsaw University of Technology group won the 3rd place with their ‘nie marnuj złotego’ project. 

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