News 01.12.2023

21st-century young adults: a generation of multiple opportunities or psycho-social burnout?

Online lecture: Karina Leksy

The aim of the lecture will be an attempt to draw a portrait of the young generation in times of liquid postmodernity. The period of so-called "emerging adulthood" is, for many young people, a time of deep exploration, instability and discovery of identity, while at the same time they postpone decisions regarding their professional and family life.

It is also a period of uncertainty related to gender identity and a sense of being misunderstood by the social environment. Entering adulthood today also means living in the space of social media, focusing on oneself - one's own body, sexuality and physical attractiveness, all with a "fragile" mental condition and significant (over)sensitivity. In the context of those issues, the aim of the lecture will also be to try to answer the question whether we can talk about a "burned out" generation and how to prevent this phenomenon.

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