News 29.11.2018

2nd Parallax Forum

In this year's programme the conference organisers ask questions about the future, discuss tradition, define the social role of the artist and the position of the audience, and try to find whether the role of the mentor in art education is still indispensable.

Put simply, the parallax is an error of reading, so by definition it opens the space of dialogue. The parallax signifies the process of observing moving objects in reference to other objects, changing with the observer's change of position. As a result, the image loses a little of its sharpness but this mobility is essential to provide us with the full picture. As academics we subject ourselves to a process in which we are simultaneously the observers and the observed objects, therefore it is with full confidence that we invite you to discuss the role of broadly defined art education in the context of artistic freedom and political correctness.

PDF conference programme below
29-30 November 2018

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