News 28.09.2021

3rd Sekson Conference: on the sexuality and parenthood of people with physical disabilities

Installation designed by AFAD Katowice students will be an important part of the event.

The interactive installation is a special space designed by AFAD Katowice students Marta Jagoda-Błaszczak and Oliwia Michniewska. Its objective is to shed a light on the topic of sexuality of people with disabilities.

During the conference at the Centrum Kreatywności Targowa, Oliwia and Marta will create a special space to allow the participants a moment of privacy and comfort to quiet down and reflect on their sexuality. The students are going to create an exceptional atmosphere by using special lighting that can be controlled by the conference participants, who will then become co-creators of the installation space.

The aim of the installation is to show the topic of sexuality of people with disabilities in a non-standard way by using colour, light and the sense of vision as the media of communication and the way to express one’s own voice.

The designers have created a special social media filter for online participants.

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