News 14.12.2023

4th MTRS International Student Drawing Triennial: exhibition openings and academic conference

15 December 2023
“The Place of Drawing – Fourth Dimension” academic conference
12:00-17:00, Open Space, AFAD Katowice

12:00-12:30 registration

12:30: opening and welcome address by Rector, prof. dr hab. Grzegorz Hańderek
12.45-13:30 – Monika Grzymala / self-presentation / "Monika Grzymala on her spatial drawings and interrelational landscapes"
13.30-14:00 – dr Wojciech Bąskowski / self-presentation
14:00-14:30 – prof. Janusz Karbowniczek / “In between: drawing as the source”

14.30-15.15 – lunch break

15.15-16:45 –discussion panel
“The Place of Drawing – Fourth Dimension” / discussion panel moderated by prof. dr hab. Bogdan Topor, prof. dr hab. Michał Minor
prof. Jolanta Jastrząb / “Drawing as information”
prof. Grzegorz Hańderek / “Drawing as an experience of the place”
Monika Grzymala, prof. Janusz Karbowniczek, prof. Małgorzata Malwina Niespodziewana, Mariusz Tarkawian

16 December 2023

16:00 opening of post-competition exhibition, Rondo Sztuki Gallery
17:00 opening of competition jury exhibition, Galeria+

As a means of communication, drawing is democratic, meta-verbal and universal. It does not require using dictionaries or decoding messages by applying a cipher code known to a chosen few. Drawing is to an artist what flour is to a baker, the criminal code to a judge, ropes to a sailor and numbers to an accountant.
Drawing is everywhere, it is neither a woman nor a man, it precedes writing, language and thought but also follows its directly. Drawing has no nationality, race or creed.
The fourth dimension of drawing in the fourth edition of MTRS is concluded by the triennial summarising events.

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