News 09.04.2018

6th edition A WELL DESIGNED BOOK – let’s start with children

“A well designed book – let’s start with children” is a cultural project merging several events: a competition for the best book design for the youngest readers, a scientific conference dedicated to children’s book design, and numerous exhibitions.

The competition seeks to review illustrations and books dedicated to children, executed within education programmes of the artistic higher schools. The objective is to drive attention to the needs of youngest readers and to respect for design principles which should be applied when creating children’s books, as well as to promote young creators on the publishing market.

In the competition, the prizes will be awarded to the best projects, in which individuality and artistic originality go hand in hand with form proper for the reader’s age. The works will be evaluated by the group of experts, professionally connected with the children’s book market.

The competition invites submissions of projects of sets of illustrations, complete books, as well as designs of book apps.

 We are waiting for your works until April 9, 2018!

More information: here

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