News 30.09.2018

6th edition of “A well-designed book: let's start with children”: exhibition of the winners

The exhibition at the Kosmos cinema in Katowice will be open until 28 October.

Children are counted among the most critical readers. They pay attention to detail and nuance often overlooked by adult readers. “A well-designed book: let's start with children” is a cultural platform that focuses strongly on education by means of its subject matter: book illustration for children. The children can learn through the art, original design and aesthetic regard for detail. The form in which the book is published greatly influences the development of the habit of reading, especially in the youngest readers.

“A well-designed book: let's start with children” competition enjoys a great popularity among the participants – debuting illustrators and designers – as well as among the academic community, editors, and promoters of reading and of beautiful children's books. The winners and participants of previous editions of the competition (incl. Agata Dudek, Ola Płocińska, Maciek Blaźniak, Jan Bajtlik, Katarzyna Bogucka, Emilia Dziubak) have become highly regarded illustrators, winning international recognition thanks to their works displayed on bookstore shelves.

The idea of the competition is to review the illustrations and books aimed at children, produced in the framework of higher education art curricula. The main goal is to draw attention to the needs of the youngest readers and to the application of design principles that should be observed while creating children's books, and also to promote young artists in the editorial market.

The winning projects should combine individuality and visual originality with a successful adjustment of the form to the reader's age. The works will be assessed by specialists connected with the publishing market, and by editors (previous competitions were attended by the publishing houses:  Debit, Dwie Siostry, Ezop, Format, , Widnokrąg, Wytwórnia, Znak). The exhibition at the Kosmos cinema showcases the works of the 6th edition winners recognized by the jury, by children and by editors: Dorota Chodór, Alicja Grobelka, Agnieszka Grzegorczyk, Malwina Hajduk, Alicja Kolińska, Aleksandra Kosakowska, Zofia Lasocka, Weronika Leciak, Agata Lučić, Natalia Łuczak, Hanna Łupińska, Zuzanna Sitarska, Monika Syposz, Aleksandra Szlęk, Weronika Wolska, Aleksandra Zaborska.

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