News 17.11.2021

A double portrait

Aleksandra Telka-Budka and Józef Budka in Nakło Śląskie.

Aleksandra Telka-Budka specializes in aquaforte and book illustration, while prof. Józef Budka (AFAD teacher) favours lithography and drawing. They both practice graphic art but follow separate artistic paths. Antoni Kowalski writes in the catalogue introduction: ‘Aleksandra uses the intaglio technique and creates fantastic and surreal aquafortes, powerfully etched, with quivering, winding, entangled  lines that form into shapes seemingly familiar but distanced from our world by their very nature. (...) Józef is fond of the chiaroscuro and presents his mindscapes in terms of half-tones and colours, and leads us into a more serene world through his lithography, drawing and painting. His world is inhabited by the beauty of form and harmony of composition. The fantastic things that also take place here seem more familiar: the human figures, landscapes, objects, calligraphic characters and Chinese seals (...).’

CEKUŚ Centrum Kultury Śląskiej in Nakło Śląskie

Opening: 27 November, 17:00 hrs

The exhibition is organized within the framework of the 11th Polish Print Triennial.

Co-organizer: AFAD Katowice

Józef Budka

  • professor
  • Head of Chair of Printmaking
  • professor
  • Head of Chair of Printmaking

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