News 16.05.2019

A new face of wool. Experiments with fabrics at the Łódź Design Festival.

Katarzyna Pełka-Bura and Alicja Pałys invite visitors to the Art_Inkubator in Fabryka Sztuki

Wool, a popular textile raw material deeply rooted in the Polish tradition, became the basis for bold design explorations. The abandonment of the Polish wool in common use means that this fabric is now treated as waste. The possibility of reusing it and the natural means of obtaining it in the process of shearing make it fit neatly into the zero waste philosophy.

The students of the Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice were inspired by the properties of wool, its environmental value and traditional methods of fabric processing. While searching for new possibilities of using the raw material, they experimented with its structure, physical properties and visual characteristics. They also tried to reinterpret forgotten artisanal techniques. All this in order to resurrect the forgotten potential of this raw material.

Experiments with the fabric take place within the framework of the course conducted at the second cycle studies (Faculty of Design, Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice, field of design), continued in the new curriculum:

Inclusive Design: Health and Social Well-Being is an interdisciplinary designer education program that prepares graduates to face complex design challenges in areas related to improving the quality of life and care for the health of recipients by including them in the design process in various areas of design: from services or applications, through designing medical equipment, to co-creating places or events, reinforcing the bonds of local communities.


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