News 28.11.2019

A record of presence: drawings and prints

Opening of exhibition of works by Prof. Anna Kowalczyk-Klusk and dr Weronika Siupka.

A trace of a tool left on the surface of paper, a scratch on the the matrix, becomes a notation of our being at the moment. The drawing or the design builds up, with the subsequent points and lines becoming the record of our thoughts, emotions and experiences. They define us in time, therefore they transform into a visualization of our presence: the presence of the human being, of the line, point, of the surface. The exhibition results from a meeting of two people and of two sensibilities, who drive their notation tools in individual and separate ways.

Defining drawing as the basis for visual art determines our choices and artistic attitudes.

text by Weronika Siupka

Invitation by the “OBOK” art gallery in Tychy

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