1st Year Drawing Studio

The principles of the studio include: to know the scope of activities pertaining to drawing understood as an artistic discipline; to become aware of the importance of drawing in the shaping of art forms by absorbing drawing as a thought process; to analyse drawing and graphic traits and gain experience and skills in the technique; to shape the ability to interpret visual phenomena by skilfully selecting the means for expressing ideas.
Tutorials consist in artistic interpretation of formal phenomena based on drawing from nature, still life arrangements and figure study. Composition tasks include such concepts as: shading, composition, line, patch, structure, solid, structure, trace, synthesis and sign. Analysis and discussion of home and outdoor sketches puts particular emphasis on technical experiments, a variety of compositional solutions, and a multitude of issues addressed.
Basic knowledge of human anatomy, perspective, composition, sensitivity to light and shade are required. Mastering drawing skills in the field of reproduction of reality by the appropriate selection of artistic means. Knowledge of the basics of techniques and technologies related to drawing medium.

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