Digital Print Studio

The studio was established in 1999 as the Non-traditional Techniques Studio. It was the first studio of this kind in Poland in the structure of a Printmaking Department. After receiving a grant to buy a Roland large format printer, it began to conduct research projects. The studio contributed to the artistic, intellectual and technical development of its students, releasing a number of artists who are successful in national and international printmaking competitions. For many years the studio has been organizing cyclical exhibitions under the heading Dialogue with a digital shadow to popularise digital graphics. Each exhibition, entering a new place and integrating with its surroundings, engages in a dialogue and poses a number of difficult questions, including ones about the legitimacy of printmaking in the postmodern world – what does digital art bring into printmaking? Students’ works created at the studio address issues at the junction of an artistic idea and the relevance of the medium used. Since 2016, the studio has its own exhibition space – the 302 Gallery, where it showcases various artists related to student tasks and assignments.

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