Drawing Studio I

The studio curriculum, through activating the student’s individual predispositions, opens the possibility of exploring and discovering the phenomenon of creation based on previously acquired experience with anatomical figure study. It is an attempt to continually deepen the author's side of the artistic fact. The main programmatic theme is the problem of composition as a means of deliberately managing the plane of drawing in a formal and aesthetic sense, as well as controlling one’s own thought, concept and idea in the process of searching for “one’s own space”. An interpretative process of defining nature is a transfer of value from the observed object to an artist’s expression. It is a tool that allows students to search for their own language and to face the issue of valuation in the creative process, to compare quality and to take responsibility for their decisions. Awareness of one’s own decisions in the process of constructing an artistic identity, as well as the whole creative process, is the ideological meaning of the programmatic content. It derives from the contemplative and reflective nature of art as a necessary condition in the search for ideal values.

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