Intermedia and Digital Techniques Studio

“The question remains unanswered: what is left of printmaking? Undoubtedly – the image... But it is an image that today represents itself and its own history. Secondly – and it is not a random order – it represents, and in a way repeats the history of printmaking in general, including the matrix and its idea. Making prints has thus gained a new dimension...” – Roman Lewandowski
Contemporary printmaking, like most visual arts, is constantly changing due to the increasing importance of technology and its impact on culture and the life of an individual. Visual representation entered the phase of total digitalization, thus changing the traditional thinking about the image. It is no wonder that under such conditions the identity of graphics is constantly being redefined. Its entrance into the territory of new media has revised the way it is perceived.
According to the text by art critic Roman Lewandowski accompanying the “Ewokacja grafiki” exhibition, paradoxically what is left of graphics is the image. It is all the more justified in a world flooded by its overproduction. Intermedia activities are a starting point to ask questions about the relevance of making art in the postmodern world and the role of the artist in setting new horizons. Intermedia and digital techniques touch upon issues at the border of valuation and pulling the audience into the new discourse. Intermedia in the image are implemented at various levels: interpersonal, public, virtual, social, interactive, scientific, and research. They avoid formal and conceptual clarity. A lot of care goes into the choice of media, digital tools and space, technical quality, and documentation of the activities.
Some of the topics that have been worked on in the studio are: virtuality, tautology, concept / process, illusion, play, coding / writing / record, graphics / space / sound, graphics / space / dance, world / universe, sign, light, static / dynamic form, energy, poles, codex mundi, ars ludens.

Intermedia and digital techniques course prepares for independent creative work based on contemporary art, experimental-intermedia graphics, contemporary ideas and a wide-ranging workshop, promotes development, creativity, inventiveness and responsibility.

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