Lithography Techniques Studio

The aim of the Lithography Techniques Studio is the education of students/artists who can consciously and freely express themselves in traditional lithographic techniques, as well as their own techniques rooted in planographic printing. In the teaching process we focus not only on the unique trace created by lithography, but also on experimentation and the inspirational role of technique, whose aim is to express artistic ideas. Students should be made aware of the possibilities in modifying traditional techniques through monotyping – introducing drawing and colour directly onto the print, as well as collage. Individual corrections take place during the whole process of creating the matrix and print, but without interfering with the initiative of the young artist. We expect students to be self-sufficient in the choice of subject matter and its interpretation, as well as responsible for their decisions. Lectures on technology are given individually to each student while they are working on their matrix. We aim to teach young artists respect for the noble art of lithography, one’s own work and the work of others.

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