Painting Studio III

The studio is open and friendly, but at the same time demanding. The foundation of our curriculum is individual work with each student and developing their unique talents. Students alongside teachers decide the evolving character of the studio. Artistic maturation takes place over time, but it is effective only if it involves making artefacts that each time push the boundaries of personal abilities. Students have the right to experiment, search and make mistakes, they are encouraged to bold, free thinking and taking risks in defence of their worldview. We want students to be open to all kinds of stimuli from reality and free imagination alike. Corrections should be directed at finding an optimal solution for the student’s predispositions and if possible also function as a lecture on selected issues of historical and contemporary art, as well as technical and technological problems. The dominant medium is painting, but using techniques learned in other studios (photography, printmaking, new media) is allowed and welcome. Students’ work is based on sketches, photos, notes, etc., but if necessary they can also do a study from nature. Since there is no such thing as a universal academic skill set, we want technical skills to go hand in hand with unrestrained imagination and serve a specific, individual vision, rather than be developed for their own sake.

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