Philippe Gerlach 2019/2020

Real is a feeling. Identifying aesthetics of the Real in Photography and Visual Art

The 2019/20 winter semester International Studio was taught by German art photographer Philippe Gerlach. The participants included students of both the Faculty of Art and Faculty of Design. The curriculum consisted of a series of lectures and presentations, however it focused primarily on individual work intended to release and stimulate the students’ creativity and encourage them to take the risk of experimenting in the creative process. One of the most important elements of the learning process proposed by Philippe Gerlach was the direct experience of a visit to Berlin, which included a lecture and meeting at the Spike Art Magazine Berlin, curator-guided tour of the retrospective exhibition of works by Robert Frank at C/O Berlin, and practical workshops at the teacher’s private studio. November was the time to prepare and produce the final photography projects and to consult the teacher regularly via Skype. In December, students put finishing touches to their work results and prepared a summary exhibition at the AFA Katowice space.

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