Serigraphy Studio

The studio in the Printmaking Department of ASP Katowice is a kind of laboratory – a place where students, in search for their individual way of expression, have the possibility to directly influence the workshop. The simple principle of print, direct correspondence between the matrix and the imprint, no size limitations, the possibility of printing on many different surfaces (paper, metal, glass, plastic etc.), the quickness of doing large print runs, the easiness of obtaining multicolour prints (also in the triadic system), as well as other features define the distinct nature of serigraphy compared to other printmaking techniques. This difference, aside from the technical aspect, is reflected also in a more experimental approach to teaching. The studio’s focus is on individuality, creative thinking, and a conviction that students are distinguished not only by their skills. Craftsmanship is an important aspect of creativity that allows carrying out the project effectively, but an intellectual analysis should provide the main perspective. An idea is eventually dressed in the form of subtle metaphor. Non-literal presentation prompts the viewer to analyse the hidden message, while the form of the work is adapted to the idea to communicate it the best way possible. Young graphic artists are encouraged to translate the technological capabilities of screen printing into an individual language of expression. In this dimension, experimentation is understood as exploration of the graphic workshop in search of the author's use of this medium. Thus serigraphy is for some an excellent drawing technique – allowing to print multi-layered graphics on a noble, classic support – and for others it becomes an impulse to make spatial forms, graphic installations or interventions in the public space.

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