Simeon Featherstone studio 2018/2019

Simeon Featherstone is a visiting lecturer in the Spatial Practices Programme (MA Narrative Environments) at UAL Central Saint Martins in London. He also teaches on the BA Ceramic Design programme, and as a Creative Practice lecturer at the School of Media, Art & Design at the University of Westminster.

Narrative Encounters
Developing narratives and using stories to reinterpret spaces, objects and communities.

Narrative is a framework that helps to distil research, generate ideation and to communicate effectively. You will be shown how craft (ceramics) can be used to prototype and form ideas, deliver creative forms of engagement and as outputs that tell the story of the journey. You will be asked to work collaboratively to engage with your surroundings by developing a ‘tool’ to communicate and bridge the gap between two diametric subjects, i.e opposing forces, ideas, groups. Through a series of creative workshops around the city and in the studio, you will develop skills in participatory-led design and material-led experimentation to help you engage with the world around you. You will design, test and evaluate a methodology for working with the public and gain valuable experience in developing co-creative projects that have an impact on society.

You will be asked to present your work and provide clear evidence of your contribution to the learning journey as an individual and as a collaborator.

The International Studio will be run as part of the project titled „Development programme for the Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice,” co-financed by the European Union under the Operational Programme Knowledge Education Development.

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