Ad Lucem: Towards the Light. Dorota Nowak-Rodzińska
News 09.12.2021

Ad Lucem: Towards the Light. Dorota Nowak-Rodzińska

2021 Polish Print Triennial accompanying event.

‘...a powerful glare – paralysing, keeping your from perceiving the world – attacks the most nuance-sensitive sense. For a moment, you lose the ability to recognize shapes, or even the ability to see. The reflex of shutting your eyes does not help. Lurking under your eyelids there waits the next blow, like on a loop, matrix-produced luminous shapes keep hitting you, on the verge of pain... Light as an element of our surrounding is a natural and tamed substance, part of the complex reality.

Light is a universal substance, and so far it has not been subject to rationing or pricing. The act of shifting the personal interpretation onto the viewer, to induce an entirely subjective reception, encourages them to perceive the world with through their senses, to reach for their own references and experiences, and therefore to create new, individual, contextual narratives.

The seemingly organized element, radiating or forming a linear bright beam, makes viewing Nowak-Rodzińska’s prints an intensive, sensual, almost hypnotic experience. While electric light efficiently competes with natural light, we are presented with an exceptional, visual artistic equivalent for the long winter evenings.’

Curator: dr hab. Olga Pałka-Ślaska

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