News 08.10.2020

AFA student wins award at Packaging Innovations

The successful design in a sports shoes box.

The design was created with the purpose of storing, stocking, transporting and especially displaying sports shoes. Thanks to the cuts and creases the box easily transforms into a display device for one shoe. The other shoe remains inside. The dynamic shape is evocative of sport, development, movement. It helps to highlight the style of contemporary sports footwear design.

Author: Pola Janiszewska
University: Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice
Design: Redo, sports shoes packaging

The design was created at the Faculty of Design of the AFA Katowice
study programme: Design
Design Fundamentals Studio
Teachers: dr hab. Agata Chmielarz, dr hab. Andrzej Klisz, mgr inż. arch. Bartłomiej Nawrocki  

The awardees of the 2020 Student Zone competition were presented with their own booth at the 12th Packaging Innovations International Packaging Trade Fair in Warsaw.

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