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AFA students, graduates and lecturers in 2019: summary

A nomination for Polityka’s passport, award of the Institute of Industrial Design, finals of the Cannes Film Festival, invitation to join the American Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, i. e. invitation to join the group of people who select Oscar winners: check how 2019 will be remembered by the AFA Katowice students and lecturers.

The list is certainly not full (it does not include e. g. solo exhibitions in Poland), we will be adding to it. This is going to be a long text.

The sarcophagi of Polish kings travel to Tychy to meet AFA teacher
The sarcophagi of Ladislaus IV Vasa, his wife Cecilia Renata of Austria, and of king August II the Strong left Kraków on 4 April 2019 and arrived in Tychy, where they will undergo restoration by Agnieszka and Tomasz Trzos. The couple have already renovated 11 tin sarcophagi of Polish kings and their family members, and the sarcophagus of Marshal Piłsudski. Agnieszka Trzos is a lecturer at the AFA Katowice.

Three Oscar nominations and invitation to join the American Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences
AFA Katowice teachers, Katarzyna Sobańska-Strzałkowska and Marcel Sławiński, created set design for Cold War, the film that received three Oscar nominations (in the categories of foreign language film, directing and cinematography).

Earlier, at the 2016 Berlin Film Festival, the Silver Bear was awarded to Tomasz Wasilewski’s United States of Love (with Marcel and Katarzyna’s set design). A year before that, the Oscar went to Ida (also with their set design), and in 2012 Agnieszka Holland’s In Darkness received an Oscar nomination (again, with Katarzyna and Marcel’s set design).

No wonder both artists were invited to join the American Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. Now they are among those to decide who wins an Oscar.

Marcin Nowrotek: the author of best music animation
The film by AFA lecturer Marcin Nowrotek won an award at the 10th International Animation Film Festival Golden Kuker- Sofia, in the category of “best music film.”
The Bulgarian award follows the awards at the 2018 Animator in Poznań and the Gdańsk International Animation Festival (where it was also named best animated music video).

Duszyczka: film by AFA alumna at the 72nd International Festival de Cannes
Out of over 2,000 entries, seventeen films were qualified for the 22nd  Cinéfondation competition. Only three of those were animations, including two made by Polish film-makers. One of the authors is Barbara Rupik, an alumna of the AFA Katowice and currently a student of the Lodz Film School.

Young Animation 2019: awards for artists from AFA Katowice
The second prize and a third prize shared with two others were brought home from the Young Animation 2019 festival in Gdańsk by AFA students and alumni. The second prize went to Agnieszka Świętek, a graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice, for her film produced at the Animation and Computer Games Studio. One of the shared third prizes in the Slam Animation competition went to the film realized by Paulina Kozieł and Magda Knapczyk, students of the AFA Katowice who represented our school in the competition.

Weronika Siupka’s prints go global
Awards in print competitions in Argentina and Russia, main prize in the Barcelona competition, solo exhibition in Colombia (the prize for winning a competition), and in addition: exhibitions in Poland and in France. It seems that Weronika Siupka’s prints could have traveled to all continents in 2019.

Polityka’s passport nomination
One of the three nominees in the Digital Culture category was Aleksandra Jarosz, author of the Fantastic Fetus game and doctoral student at the AFA Katowice. The game was also presented during the A MAZE alternative games competition in Berlin.

AFA Katowice student wins student competition at Meat Design Festival in Ostrava
The competition had 47 participants from Poland, Czechia, Slovakia and Hungary. The 3 equal awards and EUR500 were shared by Hanna Harkawy from AFA Katowice, Alina Celichowska (Poland) and Szabolcs Vatány (Hungary). Hanna Harkawy is a 3-rd year student of Design.

Taiwan International Student Design Competition: honourable mention for our Design student
The Product Design category had 4,608 entries. 150 were qualified for the final, and 13 won awards. One of the awardees is Maja Słowikowska, 3rd-year student of the AFA in Katowice. Her design was developed in the Ergonomic Design Studio taught by Katarzyna Pełka-Bura and Agnieszka Fujak.

Scholarships of the Minister of Culture and National Heritage
Four AFA Katowice students were recognized at the ceremony in the Royal Castle in Warsaw. The scholarship can be awarded to someone whose achievements include winning awards at national or international competitions or festivals, concerts, exhibitions, participation in academic conferences etc.

2019 Figurama: award for AFA Katowice student
250 exhibited works. 11 art universities from Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic and Hungary. This year’s edition of International Competition of Figure Drawing for Art Students saw the Egon Shiele Prize for the best drawing go to Marta Domagała, student of the Faculty of Art at the Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice.

Award-winning composter designed by AFA Katowice student
Adam Szczyrba won the Bronze A'Design Award in the Home Appliances Design category of the international A' Design Award & Competition in Italy and the European Product Design Award Platinum Prize, the top award among all student designs in the category of Sustainable Living/environmental Preservation/ Recycling Equipment.

17th International Contest of Small Graphics and Exlibris: honourable mentions for AFA Katowice graduates
1544 works by 437 artists from 42 countries were submitted to the contest. Darya Hancharova and Kamil Kocurek, graduates of the Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice, received honourable mentions.

“And what about values?” Awards for AFA Katowice artists
The competition of paintings and photographs was intended to cause artists to search for universal values. Dasha Hancharova, graduate of AFA Katowice, received an honourable mention in the painting category. Paulina Bobak won the 2nd place in the same category. She is a student of printmaking at the AFA Katowice.

Śląska rzecz: awards for projects by AFA Katowice teachers
The winning projects are History of Kościuszki street and Masters from Bytom. Promenada na południe. Historia ulicy Kościuszki (Southbound Promenade. History of Kościuszki street) was co-authored by Anna Kopaczewska and Jan Dybała / Atelier S10, teachers at AFA Katowice. Fachmani z Bytomia (Masters from Bytom) was co-authored by Agata Korzeńska, teacher at AFA Katowice.

2019 DOBRY WZÓR (GOOD DESIGN) Institute of Industrial Design award for AFA teacher
Out of 115 finalists, the interdisciplinary jury of the 26th edition of the Dobry Wzór competition has selected the best products and services and granted 24 main prizes: awards of the Institute of Industrial Design. The Flow urban furniture designed by Andrzej Klisz was recognized in the Public Space category.

Enter into Art: AFA teacher among finalists
291 artists from 49 contries took part in the competition. 79 works were shortlisted for awards, including a print by Antoni Kowalski, teacher of the Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice.

5th Art Biennial in Piotrków Trybunalski: honorary mention for AFA teacher
One of the 7 awards, an honorary mention, went to Judyta Bernaś. The competition included 906 entries from 374 Polish artists. Judyta Bernaś received an honorary mention of the jury chair Krzysztof Jurecki for her work titled JEDNIA_10_blue.

Child-friendly toy: three awards for AFA Katowice designers.
The first prize went to Agnieszka Pluszczewicz, a design graduate from AFA Katowice, for her Master’s diploma project called “Twins – play the neighbourhood.” She also received an honourable mention for her “Przebieranki” project. An honourable mention was also given to “Szachy” by Andrzej Klisz, a lecturer at AFA Katowice.

Równonoc/Equinox – Faculty of Art in the USA
Students and lecturers of the AFA Katowice present their works in Springfield, Missouri.
Event curators: Lesław Tetla and Joanna Zdzienicka.

Cześć Brześć 2019
Students and teachers of AFA Katowice have organized a poster exhibition to celebrate the 1000th anniversary of the town of Brest (Belarus). The entire project was made possible thanks to excellent cooperation with the Consulate General of the Republic of Poland in Brest, with the support of the Polish Institute in Minsk. The works were produced at the Branding Studio and the Poster Design Studio.

Łódź Design Festival 2019: award for AFA Katowice teacher
Bogdan Kosak wins ON The Table competition and gets PLN 10,000.

Łódź Design Festival 2019: award for AFA Katowice student
Special award and PLN 10,000 for Mateusz Mioduszewski for his ASHka: ash ceramics

A new face of wool. Experiments with fabrics at the Łódź Design Festival.
The exhibition presented the works by AFA Katowice students inspired by wool. While searching for new possibilities of using the raw material, they experimented with its structure, physical properties and visual characteristics. They also tried to reinterpret forgotten artisanal techniques. All this in order to resurrect the forgotten potential of this raw material.

Katowice Graphic Art Month in Lublin
The Chair of Graphic Art of the AFA Katowice, Faculty of Art of the Marie Curie-Skłodowska University and Galeria Po 111 Schodach in Lublin organized an exhibition of works by students of the AFA Katowice, in the framework of the Katowice Graphic Art Month.

Hestia Artistic Journey: three finalists from AFA Katowice
Three of the 2019 HAJ are artists connected with the AFA Katowice: Magda Sendek, Marek Wodzisławski i Karol Kobryń.

Marcin Białas at the "Epreuve d’Artiste" in Antwerp
The exhibition titled "In Eschers footsteps" presented works by two artists: Marcin Białas and Istvan Orosz (Hungary).

SZTUKA TERAZ (ART NOW): students, alumni and lecturers of the AFA Katowice at the National Museum in Kraków
For a month starting from 12 January 2019, National Museum in Kraków housed, along with Leonardo’s Lady with an Ermine, 100 works selected by the authors of the SZTUKA TERAZ project. Twelve of the works are by artists connected with the AFA Katowice.

Mine, Chemin des mines Pologne-Belgique –Université du Travail Library in Charleroi, Wallonia
The exhibition showed photographs by Nathalie Hannecart and Olivier van Rossum (Belgium), etchings by Weronika Siupka (Poland) and sound portraits by Mathilde Lacroix (France).

The Crystal Laurel of Expertise for AFA Katowice
The members of the awards committee decided to award the Crystal Laurel to Prof. dr hab. Antoni Cygan, Rector of the Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice and President of the Conference of Rectors of Academic Art Schools in Poland.

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