News 11.04.2019

AGRAFA ’19 – decision of the Jury

On 4 April 2019, the Rondo Sztuki Gallery opened the exhibition of the 13th AGRAFA International Competition of Student Graphic Design. The exhibition included 83 works selected out of over 400 competition entries.

The jury composed of recognized design practitioners (Ayşegül İzer, Mateusz Kosma, Jasiek Krzysztofiak, Lucia Mlynčeková, Zuzanna Rogatty and Filip Tofil) selected 3 of them, and the winners were announced during the exhibition opening.

The first prize went to Paulina Hanzel for a perfectly developed application, whose usefulness and friendly interface result from her understanding of the user’s needs. Her design of the sensory integration app was deemed the best not only because of the design process, preceded by careful research, but also by virtue of its visual balance between the fairy-tale illustrations and the aesthetics of the therapeutic app.

The second prize was won by Olga Kulish for “Between the words: emotional punctuation.” The jury appreciated her mature design of the publication which starts an interesting discussion on punctuation as a tool for expressing emotions, and also the content and form which consciously illustrate the duality of the problem in the context of tradition and the present.

The third prize went to Jakub Pechta for his „EXICON. Branding of concept conference about migration” thanks to his honest approach to a contemporary topic and for creating a characteristic and consistent visual language, which stood out in one of the most competitive categories, the visual identity.

AGRAFA International Competition of Student Graphic Design constitutes a comprehensive  presentation of the latest achievements in the area of broadly understood graphic design. The exhibition includes works in 6 categories: animation, visual identity, visual information, editorial graphics, type design, web/app design/digital publishing.
The exhibition is open until 5 May 2019.

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