News 26.02.2019

Amor vacui at Katowice Miasto Ogrodów Institution of Culture

It is easy to lose oneself in the face of excess. The Amor Vacui exhibition offers a symbolic approach to the need for ornamentation, inherent in the human nature. Galeria Pusta presents the works of Paweł Mendrek.

Geometry has allowed us to domesticate the world and to record the sequences of states, fixed together from the visions of subsequent generations, underlying its history. In order to grasp the identity of a place one must take a close look at its history, the details of events, their monuments. Handy, makeshift solutions or carefully planned features grow on top of one another, coexisting in the geometric forest: a carefully crafted detail, an ornament, what remains after we are gone. However, these episodes show us the truth unveiled, provides the knowledge of things that are not visible on graphs: how we live, think and act – what makes us laugh and what makes us wince.

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