News 24.11.2019

“And what about values?” Awards for AFA Katowice artists

Competition of paintings and photographs which attempt to discover universal values

On 28 November, the Centrum Historii Zajezdnia historical centre in Wrocław hosted the final gala of the “And what about values?” 1st competition for young artists, organized by the “Pamięć i Przyszłość” centre and OK.ART Foundation.

The competition was intended to cause artists to search for answers about values in the modern world. The great interest it has attracted proves that artists were encouraged to attempt facing questions about “the important things” in their works.

Dasha Hancharova, graduate of AFA Katowice, received an honourable mention in the painting category.
Paulina Bobak won the 2nd place in the same category. She is a student of printmaking at the AFA Katowice.


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