News 17.06.2018

Another award for Dominika Koszowska’s Master’s diploma project

Dominika’s latest award is the silver medal in the Prix de la Photographie, Paris (P×3) international photography contest for her photography book titled Wild Oregano, a Master’s diploma project made at the AFA Photography Studio under the supervision of Dr. Piotr Muschalik.

The artist says, ‘My Master’s diploma project, which I developed at the Photography Studio in 2017, has been named one of the best photography diplomas by the FONT nie czcionka! website, has taken the third place in the Design 32 competition for Poland’s best diploma projects in design, and has been published in 360º DESIGN, an international magazine about design. The book which was published as part of the project has won a silver medal in the Book/Documentary category of Prix de la Photographie, Paris (P×3), the prestigious international photography competition. My photographs have also been shown in numerous post-competition exhibitions in Poland and abroad. Last year, I was invited as one of only 40 people to work on making “The Journey,” a film directed by Mateo Willis.’

Dominika’s works are widely appreciated; her most important awards include:

Award in the National Geographic Traveler competition in the Interesting Places in Poland category /2018/

Honourable mention in the Portret 2018 national photography competition (We Are All Portraitists Now) /2018/

Honourable mention in the Człowiek Dobry Jak Chleb national photography competition (Szeptucha cycle) /2018/

Award of the Marshal of the Silesian Voivodship  in the Design 32: Best Design Diplomas for Wild Oregano, a series of photographs and photobook on herbalism in Poland by Dominika Koszowska /2018/

‘One of 2017 best diplomas in art and design’ in the photography category, awarded by FONT nie czcionka! for Wild Oregano, a series of photographs and photobook on herbalism in Poland /2018/

Award in the MOBILE ART FROM ALL OVER THE WORLD international photography competition /2018/

5 honourable mentions in MOBILE PHOTOGRAPHY AWARDS 2018 international photography competition, honourable mentions in 2017 and 2016

Finalist and honourable mention in MIRA MOBILE PRIZE international competition /2018, 2017, 2016/

Award in CEWE AWARDS, world’s biggest international open photography competition /2017/

Participation in The Journey, an international photo and film project for SONY led by Mateo Willis (40 people from all over the world were invited to take part)

Nomination in the Portret 2017 national competition

Nomination in the National Salon of Art Photography in Żary /2017/

Two honourable mentions at WKF National Geographic /2016/

Award in the National Geographic Traveler competition /2016/

Nomination in the Portret Trzcianka national photography competition /2016/

Shortlisted in the Sony Mobile Awards national photography competition /2015/

2nd place and two honourable mentions in Discover Europe: Pan-European student photography contest /2015/

Honourable mention in the 25th National Salon of Art Photography in Żary /2015/

Award of EDF Toruń in the TUBA SATYRICA National Biennale of Satirical Drawing /2014/

3rd place in the Child Friendly Toy national competition in Kielce for “Kaczka dziwaczka” educational toy design /2014/

Finalist in “I have always wanted to do it…” national photography competition as part of the “For Those Who Do” Lenovo project /2013/

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