News 04.03.2020

Art Therapy in March: invitation to Kosmos

Art Therapy in March is a series of workshops to take place at the Kosmos cinema on Sunday afternoons in March 2020

The workshops authors willbe first-year students of Art Therapy, the inter-university interdisciplinary study programme run jointly by three Katowice universities: the University of Silesia, Academy of Fine Arts and Music Academy.

The workshop topics will refer to animated fairy tales. The goal will be to stimulate the participants’ imagination and to open them to being guided by  their inner impulses, at the same time fostering communication between the family members. The topics will cover attitudes towards the other and touch on some aspects of maturity, idependence, life changes, acceptance, courage, love, waiting, hope, curiosity but also fear, suffering, sadness, guilt, disappointment and regret.

Each workshop has a therapeutic function with the participants learning tolerance towards the other, the ability to understand one’s emotions, and building close relations with other people.

The Little Prince

The Ballerina – 15 March

The Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing – 29 March

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