News 19.04.2021

Art Therapy presented in Żory

The works were created during the Multigraphical Creations workshop project taught by dr hab. Judyta Bernaś.

The exhibition presents twelve different modes of articulation, personalities and artistic attitudes. What brings them together? Art, mainly: the love of art, the fascination, the impulse to create one’s own art. Each of the artists determined their specific areas of their interest and artistic research. These include personal insights, the attempts to cope with one’s difficult personal situation or family relations, but also the observation of deserted cities and drawing attention to the people who are normally overlooked (the socially excluded, or the maintenance services). Each artist used a different medium: photography, painting, collage, installation, object, music, clothes, therapeutic workshop, interaction with the viewer. The exemplification was accompanied by prior internal vivisection, a thorough analysis of the topic performed individually by each artist, and discussed in the studio.

The exhibition is presented at the gallery of the Municipal Public Library in Żory.

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