News 08.03.2021

Artists for artists: nearly PLN30,000 raised for Tosia

Proceeds from the event will be used for the treatment of 12-year-old Tosia, diagnosed with aplastic anaemia last May - serious condition requiring a long and difficult therapy. Tosia is the daughter of NOSPR musicians Katarzyna and Patryk Laburda.

Tosia Laburda was admitted to hospital in mid-May 2020 with bad blood count results and was eventually diagnosed with aplastic anaemia. She has already undergone a bone marrow transplant. Tosia loves cats, she is interested in their behaviour and different breeds. She spends a lot of time perfecting her drawing technique, and is also a keen swimmer. Tosia is very close with her older brother and sister.

At Rondo Sztuki Gallery on Sunday 7 March works donated by artists, including artists from AFA Katowice, were presented to those who wish  to support Tosia’s treatment.

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