News 01.10.2021

‘Back to the future’: Antoni Cygan exhibition in Rondo Sztuki Gallery

Prof. Antoni Cygan’s exhibition is part of the 2021/2022 academic year inauguration.

The art of Antoni Cygan is characterized by excellent skills, an exceptional sensitivity to aesthetic values and deference to cultural tradition. Its broad scope encompasses the discourse of the Judeo-Christian culture, the legacy of Baroque art, as well as the art of the 19th-century Pre-Raphaelites and Nazarenes. It is worth noting that these interests and inclinations are not merely a repercussion of reading and subjective fascinations but they are the result of profound consideration and having processed their symbolic and archetypal substance.

Antoni Cygan is equally comfortable in both small-scale paintings and monumental projects realized in architectural sacred spaces. His works, often referring to New- and Old-Testament themes, as well as the paintings inspired by the famous ‘A Hundred Years of Solitude’ epic by Gabriel Garcia Márquez, seemingly constitute a very personal form of the artist’s intimate dialogue with the human being, their memory and spirituality.

Curator: Roman Lewandowski

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