News 26.09.2022

Bye! See you tomorrow! End-of-year exhibition

We open our studios and invite viewers to see what we have worked on during the last academic year.

Last July, the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Katowice received the A+ research category, which is awarded to academic units of the highest quality of work, with achievements comparable to leading European academic centres. Would you like to check why? There will not be a better opportunity.

Bye! See you tomorrow! is the largest exhibition organised by the AFAD Katowice. It showcases the effects of a year’s worth of work of 600 young people who study art and design. It presents the curricula and sums up the effects of the work of students in each year, each study programme and each studio.

We are closing the last academic year. We are starting a new one. Bye! See you tomorrow!

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