News 18.01.2019

Child-friendly toy: competition results announced

Three awards for AFA Katowice designers

The first prize went to Agnieszka Pluszczewicz, a design graduate from AFA Katowice, for her Master’s diploma project called “Twins – play the neighbourhood.” She also received an honourable mention for her “Przebieranki” project. An honourable mention was also given to “Szachy” by Andrzej Klisz, a lecturer at AFA Katowice.

The Child-friendly toy competition was started by the Museum of Toys and Play in order to promote the best toys by Polish designers and folk artists. The entries include all kinds of toys, games (games of skill, board games, logic games), books, as well as multimedia for children.

53 entries were submitted in the 10th edition of the competition.

The judging panel assessed the originality, creativity and safety of the toys, as well as their aesthetics and functionality. The jury members took on the role of testers, therefore the descriptions attached to each toy proved really useful. Unfortunately, the jury members decided unanimously that, in comparison to the previous editions, much fewer interesting designs were entered into the competition this year and they were of lower quality. The best designs were submitted by young designers, which the jury acknowledged as a sign of the young generation’s creativity.

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