News 08.04.2021

Clairvoyants: honourable mention for diploma project

1063 projects from 76 countries, awards for recent AFA Katowice graduates

Oliwia Michniewska and Paulina Szuścik have received an honourable mention for their original and important idea. Their diploma project titled “Zamigaj mi!” is a series of games and books for children and parents to support the learning of the Polish Sign Language. The joint Bachelor’s diploma project was developed at the Illustration Studio and Visual Information Studio, under the supervision of dr Anna Machwic i dr hab. Justyna Szklarczyk-Lauer.

The works qualified for the exhibition include also:
-    work by graduate Monika Smetaniuk, Bachelor’s diploma project at the Illustration Studio supervised by dr Anna Machwic: From Pole to Pole. A Journey along the 20°E meridian in search of endangered species by Monika Smetaniuk and Marcin Dąbrówka, illustrations by Monika Smetaniuk.
-    work by alumnus Zbigniew Flakus titled Sznupanie z pieskiem.

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