News 10.02.2020

Czech masters for AFA students

“1980s Czechoslovakian photography. Members and friends of the Slovakian New Wave” exhibition in Rondo Sztuki Gallery; consultations and presentation of works by Rudo Prekop and Vasil Stanko.

12:00-15:00 – consulations for photographers
16:00 – presentation of works by Rudo Prekop and Vasil Stanko (photo slideshow)

All students and photography lovers are welcome to take part in the free-of-charge consultations with the outstanding Slovakian photographers whose works are being exhibited at the Rondo Sztuki Gallery, and to attend the presentation of their works. This is an opportunity to exchange experiences and to confront your works with a different point of view, which may become an inspiration and encourage further exploration and creative activities.

Free admission


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