News 09.06.2022

Darya Hancharova: Body Arrangement

In the cycle of acrylic paintings on canvas, I look for an answer to the question: who are we? Which manifestation of the personality is the true self? Exhibition opening on Thursday 9 June at 19:00 in the Goldenmark art salon in Katowice.

A great gift an artist may be endowed with, apart from talent, patience and humility towards matter, is a sort of photosensivity. Paired with the artist’s personality, it undoubtedly allows them to define the perceived world and to transpose it into the art world. In her paintings presented at the “Body Arrangement” exhibition, Darya Hancharova takes the viewer on a private journey, reflecting on some universal questions about the status of paintings as visual messages in the contemporary times, permeated by the digital. In her works, the artist redefines the concept of time and space.

We perceive everything - anything we have ever heard, seen, felt – inside ourselves. Even if things are real to our imagination, it does not mean they are truly real. The world we perceive is far from the world as it really is.

Darya Hancharova

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