News 20.12.2023

Design 32: 2023 Best design diploma projects of Academies of Fine Arts

Design 32 best design diploma competition is an annual report on the area of design taught at Poland’s eight public art universities.

Design 32 is a review of what is most interesting in Polish young design taught at Poland’s eight public art universities. Each of them has a different educational programme, which translates into a wide spectrum of topics and a multifaceted design ideas as well as a wealth of forms. At the same time, the Best Design Diploma Projects of Academies of Fine Arts competition and exhibition show the unique language of young design: a language that is the result of different characters of the participants and their ways of perceiving the world, a language in which functionality is intertwined with aesthetics, and a sense of humor allows you to break the spell of often difficult topics. Every year, Design 32 checks the pulse of young design, detects tendencies and trends and gives powerful personalities a chance to show themselves.

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