News 10.07.2019

Design 32 at Gdynia Design Days

Award-winning works of the participants of this year’s 9th edition of Poland’s Best Design Diplomas can be viewed at the Gdynia Design Days festival until 14 July.

The designs recognized in the competition organized by the Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice revolve around the environment, not just in terms of the natural environment but also in terms of different aspects of human life as explored by the young designers. Gdynia Design Days is the most important summer festival of design in Poland. The event is addressed at the wide public, designers, and creative industries professionals.

The annual Design 32 competition aims to promote young talent in desing, and to support their independent entry into the professional market. It is a sister event of Poland’s Best Art Diplomas competition organized by the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk.

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