News 26.08.2020

Design 32: authors of best diploma projects announced in the anniversary competition

The competition is open to all Polish state-owned art universities. Each of them recommends only four Masters diploma projects in Design or Graphic Design. The authors of the best diploma projects of 2019 were announced at the Rondo Sztuki Gallery last Friday at 13:00.

This year the competition took place in exceptional circumstances. The coronavirus pandemic caused the jury session to be postponed. Fortunately, the most interesting projects can still be viewed at the Rondo Sztuki Gallery of the Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice. The exhibition is open until 10 September.

‘The aim of the competition and the accompanying exhibition is to promote young talented people and to support them in starting independent careers in the professional design market. The event provides an opportunity for experience exchange among academic centres and other organisations, including institutions of national and local government and representatives of the business environment,’ says Damian Pietrek, professor at the AFA Katowice and coordinator of the event.

Rectors’ award (PLN20,000)
Karolina Gardzilewicz, Washstand. Practical object
Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocław, Faculty of Ceramics and Glass
Supervisor: dr hab. Gabriel Palowski

The jury have especially appreciated the author’s awareness of the essential problem of water scarcity and recognised the design as comprehensively addressing important environmental threats. They emphasised the author’s respect for the material and attention to detail, the coherence of form and function, as well as the use of natural technology and craft. The object also supports the building of social relations.

Award of the Minister of Culture and National Heritage (PLN 15,000)

Paweł Lewandowski, Living in a tree. HUBA project
Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk, Faculty of Architecture and Design
Supervisor: prof. Jarosław Szymański

The design stands out through its interesting structure and the idea of the symbiosis of design and nature. It is an innovative solution which allows direct personal contact with nature and reflects a novel approach to the design problem of placing a tent above the ground, using a tree trunk as the main load-bearing element. It encourages physical activity and spending time among trees.

Award of the Marshal of the Silesian Voivodship (PLN 10,000)
Marta Wota, ILECA-28 - the design of a device improving the comet assay procedure
Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź, Faculty of Design and Interior Design
Supervisor: dr hab. Anna Miarka

The project is a result of exemplary cooperation with the Medical University and presents an outstanding combination of ergonomics and aesthetics in the area usually restricted only for engineers. The jury have appreciated the excellent design process, preceded by an in-depth problem and needs analysis, which resulted in the creation of a functional device.

Award of the Mayor of Katowice (PLN 9,000)
Martyna Piątek, I remember – objects to commemorate the dead ones in the spirit of the less waste movement
Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice, Faculty of Design
Supervisor: dr hab. Agata Chmielarz

The jury have appreciated the attempt to bring about a cultural change. The design, comprehensively addressing the idea of commemorating the dead, has been developed with great sensitivity and style. The burning note provides a clear reference to the symbolism of transience and allows the creation of a new kind of experiences and memories.

Honourable mentions

Roxana Goncerzewicz, Sign language textbook design
University of the Arts Poznań, Faculty of Graphic Arts and Visual Communication
Supervisor: dr hab. Lucyna Talejko-Kwiatkowska

Dominik Kłóś, Against consumption. A model of a model brand based on sustainable development and a product supporting its image
Academy of Fine Arts in Kraków, Faculty of Industrial Design
Supervisor: dr Anna Szwaja

Agata Rosiecka, Specialised vehicle for the construction and maintenance of vertical road signage. Conceptual and functional design
University of the Arts Poznań, Faculty of Architecture and Design
Supervisor: dr hab. Michał Filipiak

Agnieszka Piotrowska, Visual Identity of the Geological Museum in Wrocław
Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocław, Faculty of Graphic Art and Media Arts
Supervisor: dr hab. Artur Skowroński

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