News 16.05.2022

DESIGN 32 competition

This year’s edition of public art universities best design diploma competition takes place at a time when the question about the function of designing in reality is particularly justified. The pandemic and the war have revised a lot of values and makes us recognize the power of human solidarity, empathy and closeness.

Design is the tool helping people in their everyday lives and it is indispensable for letting us live fully and consciously. How have the young graduates of public art universities tackled this task?

Design for healthcare is a frequent subject of diploma projects. This year’s graduates were interested in the therapeutic effect of touch and how to translate it into an object, what a Holter monitor for children may look like, how to design a device supporting juvenile idiopathic scoliosis therapy, and how the arrangement of space may help people with autism function better.

Education is paramount. This year’s diploma projects have taken up the topics of silence, non-heteronormativeness, the function of the forest, ecosystem, women in bicycle culture and the history of Szczecin.

How does space co-shape people’s lives? How can a suitably-designed environment help people overcome trauma? How to live well in a city? How to design vertically? What is a well-executed revitalization?

Design should be functional and useful. The ‘Better living’ category includes products, apps and typefaces. Their properties are varied but what they have in common is user-friendliness.

What kind of design do we need to function better in the future? How do we manage today’s dysfunctions that are developing at speed?

Design is part of visual arts. It has always fed on art, and aesthetics is an important factor in many projects. This year’s diplomas include projects which emphasize the connection between art and design.

Adrian Chorębała, manager of AFAD Katowice Rondo Sztuki Gallery
dr hab. Agnieszka Nawrocka, coordinator of the DESIGN 32 competition

dr Krystyna Łuczak- Surówka
Karolina Sulej
Marcin Wicha
Mikołaj Wierszyłłowski
Marcin Wolny

Wzorro Design

Agata Korzeńska

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