News 19.06.2021

DESIGN 32 - we know the results of the national competition for the best design diploma

They are young. They are talented. Do they want to change the world? We are introducing the winners of the competition, in which eight Polish public universities present four best design diplomas, each, from the last year.

The prize pool is PLN 42,000 and, thanks to the cooperation with OPPO, there are some extra non-cash prizes.

Graduates from eight public art universities take part in the competition. Each of the universities selects four diploma theses. Design 32 is organised by the Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice. This is the only such competition in Poland.

Award of the Rectors - PLN 20,000:
In accordance with the decision of the jury, the Award of the Rectors of the Academy of Fine Arts went to Daria Wypiór from the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk for the project: Pokaż, gdzie masz nos, ucho, srom (Point out to your nose, ear and vulva). The jury appreciated taking up an important and difficult topic which is sex education, as well as the aesthetic side of the work, the compatibility of all elements of the project was also emphasised - the packaging, the graphics and the way the project was made.

Award of the Minister of Culture and National Heritage and Sport - PLN 15,000
The Award of the Minister of Culture and National Heritage and Sport went to Szymon Zakrzewski from the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw for his project entitled: Kapitalistyczne zabawki (Capitalist toys). The project captivated the jury mainly because of the topic but also the remarkable attention to the problem of social differences, addressing the difficult issues of contemporary capitalism in an attractive way.

Award of the Mayor of Katowice - PLN 7,000
The Award of the Mayor of Katowice went to Piotr Kacprzak from the University of Arts in Poznań for Kulmhof - a project of a book commemorating the victims of the first Nazi concentration camp in Chełmno nad Nerem. The jury appreciated the professional typographic workshop, an interesting approach to a difficult topic, as well as the in-depth research work preceding designing the project.

Four honourable mentions were also awarded to:

Aleksandra Szwajda from the Academy of Art in Szczecin for the project entitled: Jak to ugryźć, czyli ilustrowany elementarz wychowania seksualnego (How to deal with it, an illustrated primer on sex education), the jury appreciated the casual and light way of presenting a difficult subject of sex education and the high level of workmanship.

Damian Żak from the Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice for the project: Rewolta ciała (Revolt of the body) - animation inspired by dance and philosophy of Butoh. The jury appreciated the craftsmanship as well as the complicated and technically demanding form of the project. The interesting approach to the topic of crossing boundaries by a man was also highly valued by the jury.

Julia Podsiadlo from the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk for her project entitled: Falowiec - niedokończony ideał modernizmu (Falowiec - the unfinished ideal of modernism), for the captivating humility with regards to the architectural context and subtle design, the sensitivity to the issue of revitalisation, which is an important problem in the field of national architecture.

Anna Grabowska from the Academy of Fine Arts in Lódź for the project: Świat w kolorze (The world in colour). A collection of jacquard fabrics inspired by different types of colour vision among living organisms, for using traditional techniques to achieve a contemporary expression.

Award of OPPO:
Mo Zhang, who is a brand manager of OPPO, independently granted the OPPO-patron Award to Anna Krzemańska from Academy of Art in Szczecin for the project: Zmysły VR. Wirtualna rzeczywistość zmysłów – świat synestetyków i niewidomych (VR senses. The virtual reality of senses - the world of synesthetes and the blind), taking into account the social commitment of the project and focus on new technologies, in line with the company's profile.
Technology for Mankind, Kindness for the World - this is the brand mission of OPPO who is the patron of the Design 32 competition, according to the approach people should be the target of innovation.
The project entitled: Zmysły VR. Wirtualna rzeczywistość zmysłów – świat synestetyków i niewidomych, received the OPPO-patron award because it fits, perfectly well, with the above-mentioned assumptions.
We believe that good design is not only the joy of beauty but it is also a design that responds, in an innovative way, to the needs of consumers. If, on top of that, the design makes people's lives better, we are convinced that we are dealing with a breakthrough project - concluded Mo Zhang, the member of the jury and brand manager of OPPO Poland, in her justification of granting the award.
The project by Anna Krzemańska from the Academy of Arts in Szczecin proves that VR technology is not only a form of entertainment but it is also a tool that has the potential to bring significant and positive changes in people's lives.

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