News 02.01.2019

Design in the market – a series of free workshops for designers

AFA Katowice and Michał Drożdż host a series of 10 lectures focused on the cooperation of the designer with the business world. The lectures are aimed at Design students but non-AFA participants are also welcome.

What is the role of the designer in a team? What to do when everything goes wrong? Why do some orders seem illogical? How to present oneself to a new client? Employment of freelancing? These are some of the questions Michał Drożdż will answer.
The meetings will take place every two weeks starting from 15 January, until 28 May.
Michał Drożdż is Director for Product Strategy at Ceramika Paradyż. He has worked in different industries, supervising the development of over 3,000 products, starting from the concept, design and construction to production and marketing. He is the author of articles in industry magazines and a lecturer in the Total Design Management study programme delivered jointly by the Industrial Design Institute and Business School of Warsaw University of Technology. He received a DME Award in the competition organized by the Design Management Europe (“BEST MANAGEMENT OF DESIGN IN A LARGE COMPANY” for ZELMER).

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